General Industry Technology: Agriculture, Ranching and Housing

For sanitary facilities and treatments of drinkable water in houses and apartments.
Products: Protection filters, decalcifiers, mineral products dispenser systems, antifouling and anticorrosive, nitrate reduction equipments, disinfection equipments, “total AQA” antifouling equipments, world first technology to treat drinkable water without regenerating salt.

Wide range of point of use equipments: microfiltration, microfiltrated water fountains (refreshed and gas refreshed), domestic inverse osmosis.

Technology for industrial and commercial applications

Specific solutions for collectivities, industry, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, in drinkable waters and process.

CILlT, S.A. is the indispensable collaborator of engineering companies taking part in the study of projects and products development or necessary complements for purification, disinfection and reutilization of served waters.

Products: Self-cleaning Filters, multistratum filters, bomb dispensers, decalcifiers, you plant of desalinización
partially or whole, membrane technology (inverse osmosis, nanofiltración, microfiltration and ultrafiltration).

Iron, manganese, carbonate and nitrate removal systems and plants, EDI technology, disinfection plants,
chemical products, specific authorized products against Legionella, control equipments and instrumentation.

B-SAFE microfilters as protection against Legionella in showers. OZONE Generators, ultraviolet equipments.

Swimming pools Technology

Dosing Systems, disinfection and filtration specially designed for public and collective swimming pools,
resorts and sports centers.

Products: High performance filters with automatic valves, from 10 m3/h to 285 m3/h. Ozone systems, ultraviolet, chlorine production, dosing and control.

Accessories and complements for drinkable water facilities and process: pressure regulators, heating

and climate treatment circuits, Hidromodul connection technology.